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Saint Francis DeSales

What Star Is This?: A Craft Tutorial

I saw these beautiful stars here and knew I just had to make them.
The Magic Onions has a very nice tutorial there, so you might want to check out hers as well. As well as being beautiful, they are surprisingly easy to make!
Made out of sturdy material, they could also be used for homemade bows.Take a square piece of paper...and fold it in half... and in half again.
Now unfold and fold twice again, but this time in triangles from the corners.

Unfold again...and make cuts down the square's folds.

Fold each of them into the star's points.
Glue at the star's point and then glue the top edges together.

This will make the star bend into a star shape. Now make a second star, just as you have made this one. Glue the two stars, back-to-back, a little off center from each other so that you can see both sets of star tips from either direction.
Add a hanger ribbon and it is finished and ready to hang.
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