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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary December 14-20 {week 15}

We made beeswax candles in walnuts. They will make lovely little gifts to include in a basket. The beeswax is so nice to work with -honey-colored and warm smelling. We finished up the sarcophagi. We will be finishing up our look at Egypt this week. Katie added some more decorations to the tree. She also set up a "Q is for Queen" project for Quentin. He already knows "Q" because of his name, but they wanted the alphabet complete. How Katie managed to sneak into the kitchen and make Christmas Rice Krispie Treats without anyone else knowing it is the question of the day. James and Lewis enjoyed each other's company.
We went outside to gather twigs. I had planned to make natural stars, but got side-tracked making Ojo de Dios instead. These are so easy to make, and would be perfect for the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. I will have to remember that for next year, and stock in some bright Mexican colors. All I had on hand right now were subdued, natural colors. After sitting to make crafts for awhile, the boys had to get some of that pent-up energy and the trampoline was perfect for this. Back inside, but still no interest in crafts. They did, however, want to dictate to me letters to Santa. I wrote down exactly what they said. We did finally make a few stars which are easier than they look to make. I even made one for the tree because Quentin wanted a star instead of an angel for our tree. I compromised by having both. The boys wanted to do their own projects at the table, each drawing and creating as they wished. We also completed some language arts, math, handwriting and other more academic activities. Also fun. The boys enjoyed simple Snowmen S'mores

Today's Christmas craft was candy cane ornaments made from pipe cleaners and beads. We do this one every year and et it never seems to get old. It has become almost a tradition. Quentin's "Q is for Quilt" activity that Katie prepared for him was shared with everyone. We all made paper quilt squares. Other creative things were made in the process, such as Mycenaean warrior masks. Katie is putting them together into a quilt to hang on the wall. I made them a simulated geology dig, in which they found rocks, minerals and fossils, some of which were embedded in sandstone. They washed them and identified them. We listened to music featuring the Oboe, and added the instrument to our orchestra lapbooks. The music played softly in the background the rest of the day. We looked at a photo of King Tut's funerary mask, and made some of our own for our mummies. This led to lots of clay play.  The rest of the day was filled with each of us following our own inclinations and leaving our own marks of creativity.
Today I have been married to a most wonderful man for 20 years. I had always thought that I would be celebrating my 20th in Tahiti or touring European castles or some such but that was before I had children. We spent the day instead enjoying watching Katie, James and Quentin make Santa's Cookies. Katie helped Alex make a Christmas present while James and Sam playing fraction games and lots of other math fun and Quentin drawing "Q is for Quail." I did cook Steven's favorite for dinner, and had a quiet evening relaxing by the first fire of the season.
The castles can wait.
The first order of buisness for the day was to get a load of wood from the driveway where the woodman delivered our Christmas wood order to inside our fence near the back door. We made Chocolate spoons to go with Hot Chocolate mix and homemade marshmallows that are planned for tomorrow. Then we made bread for the Egyptian Feast which concludes our study of Ancient Egypt. The bread dough was divided into two loaves. To one was added honey, dates, raisins and walnuts. To the other, garlic. Meanwhile Katie and Alex made a Gluten and Casein-free loaf of the sweet bread. They finished up any work they wanted to do on their mummies and their sarcophagi. Katie and James played Chinese Checkers by the fire while the bread dough finished rising. The weathermen are calling for a heavy snow storm, so after lunch I put the Egyptian beef in the slow cooker and we headed to the grocery store for provisions. Steven decided that we should get haircuts as well, so we divided up, some got haircuts while the rest shopped, until we all joined up in the end. We got back late, but dinner was quick to put on the table, and Katie learned that she liked Kippers and Sardines.
We woke up to a winter wonderland, so the first order of business was to make a fire in the fireplace. Then we made homemade hot chocolate mix. Katie went out to get the bird feeder to fill. The snow continued throughout the morning. We made Christmas Trees from ice cream cones, and then ate them getting quite a sugar overload.  Katie made two batches of homemade marshmallows (for the hot chocolate mix.) The snow continues into the afternoon. Our front steps are no longer visible.

James and Katie made Cinnamon Drops and Buttermints.  I made Russian Tea Cakes in red, green and white. Katie made green and red marshmallows and James, Quentin and I helped cut them into tiny pieces. Then they had lots of outside snow fun. And when too cold, back inside for hot cocoa, Christmas specials (from Netflix) and I Spy Christmas searches by the fire. and, once warm, snow brought in for Snow Cokes.

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