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Foil Icicle Joy

It is amazing...how simple things like just rolling aluminum foil...
and adding some glue and...glitter can make such a simple, beautiful ornament for the Christmas tree...
and bring such joy for those who make them...
and those who see them.
If your family would like to have such joy and make some for your tree, you will need:
•clear glue preferred or white glue
•aluminum foil
•fine glitter preferred or regular glitter in silvers, golds, and pale blues
•ornament hook
•scissors for cutting foil

Cut a piece of foil that is about 6" long and 4 1/2" wide at the top narrowing to 3" wide at the bottom.
Squish the foil lengthwise, then roll between your palms, making one end to a point and the other end flatten between your fingers.
Apply glue all over the icicle. Cover icicle with fine glitter and tap off.
Pierce flattened end of icicle with sharp scissors and attach the ornament hook; fold over the foil and squish foil and hook end together.

Source: Bella Dia
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  1. Looks like everyone had a fun time. They came out lovely :-)

  2. I love the tutorial, I hope to make several ornaments with my little one this year, and this one will make the grade!

  3. i love that you just let him go... and create. and then decorate :)


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