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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary November 23-27 {week 12}

First thing after breakfast, off to the park with big sister to gather leaves for a project. But first we must spar some more with Hittite weapons and do some exploring, running and playing, before down to the business of leaf-finding. Unfortunately, now being November, the colored leaves are all but gone and we admire them in form only. Back at home, putting the leaves to good use  for the next alphabet project. While the little boys were at the park, Mom worked on their Hittite outfits, so that when they returned, the little boys were ready to be fitted using a stapler, of course. In honor of upcoming Thanksgiving, we focus this day on American Indians (or Native Americans, if you prefer) and grind corn as they had  and make Indian headbands with feathers. With Hittite costumes complete, the little boys wage war barefoot and all. After lunch, we gather books and are off to the library to color and play and find books. With the library an hour away, it takes the afternoon to go there, (with stop off at the grocery store for needed items) so that dinner at Wendy's becomes necessary; a rare but appreciated treat.

Morning started with breakfast of fruit turkeys with fruit dip & apple cinnamon french toast sticks and syrup, and since we had fun with Indians yesterday, we looked at Pilgrims today and dipped candles. Katie helped Quentin make L is for Leprechaun "Pies." Alex made GFCF Corn Muffins and James made regular ones.
Today we enjoyed James and his new-found reading skills, beginning a Hittite project (more later on this), Quentin's L is for Lollipop sorting, Cleaning the house for Thanksgiving, Playing baseball despite the rain (I told you they are getting stir-crazy), and on the porch until I stopped him for fear of it coming through the window,
more reading,
baking fall goodness itself, playing in a cranberry bog, enjoying a Hittite feast of lentils, home-made hummus, cucumbers and crusty bread.
Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope yours was as blessed.
No school today. Only play. Katie made a floating candle in a shell. and helped Quentin make a Christmas Wish List on Amazon for Christmas.

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