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Ancient Egyptian Activities

For our mummies, we made sarcophagi with paper mache over cardboard taped together.
Quentin worked on his sarcophagus while listening to guitar and lute music.
After dry, we painted them with gold spray paint. The boys added Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics with black permanent markers.

We watched The Prince of Egypt, which had wonderful animation of building the pyramids. We watched as well as read David Macaulay's Pyramid.

We did the activities in the Egypt section of History Pockets.

We made canopic jars out of clay for our preserved orange pulp.

We made Egyptian puppets, complete with joints that moved.
Our one project that did not work out for us was making papyrus strips into paper. I followed the directions but they never stayed together.
If I were to do this again, I would do a simulated papyrus-to-paper activity.

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