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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

3rd Grade 1st Semester Final Exam Questions

History: 1. Tell me what you remember about pyramids, how mummies are made, and pharoahs.

Science: 1.Tell me what you know about simple machines. 2. What are the layers of the earth?

Art: Tell me what your favorite Pre-history art piece and why it is your favorite.

Music: Tell me about two stringed instruments and what is similar and different about the two.

Math:(Word Problems from How High Can a Dinosaur Count?) 1.The zoo opens at 9:00. Looking at the clock, tell me how long you will have to wait to enter the zoo?, 2. Loopy has 3 machines which each make 5 frappes a day. How many frappes can Loopy make in one day?, 3. Prunella has 4 purses which each contain .25 cents. Does Prunella have enough to purchase the polka-dotted purse? (prices listed on a chart) 4. List the even numbers between 0-20. 5. Fiona has 6 flapjacks. Fifi and Flo each have 3 flapjacks. How many more must Felix flip to make everyone have the same amount? 6. How many flapjacks would he have made all together? 7. One morning Dixie's dad blows up 12 balloons and takes them outside. He gives 3 to Bo and 1 for his dog. He gives Greta 5 and hands 3 to Dixie before stepping back inside. How many balloons does Dixie's dad have left? 8. Liam, Boaz, Tex and Pierre each eat three scoops of ice cream. How many scoops are eaten all together? 9. For dinner Daphne usually eats 15 daisies, but today she eats 6 fewer. How many daisies does Daphne eat today? 10. What can Heloise buy with 2 dimes, 2 nickles, and 3 pennies. (List of items with prices.) 11. How much will 5 cookies cost? 12. If you have 40 cents and buy 8 cookies, how much money will you have left?

Spanish: Sing a song we have learned this semester and what is going on in the song.

English: 1.Read a chosen selection. 2.Tell me the difference between a common and proper noun. 3.Write your full name.

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