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Model of the Solar System

There are many plans for models of the solar system out there, some to scale and some not. I really like this one. It is in the scale of 1 inches equals 20 million miles, which makes all the diameter/distance measurement approximate. We made our sun out of the largest paper we had in the house and taped it to the wall. Then we made the planets out of Sculpy. The Sculpy turned out to be too heavy for tape to hold, so I would suggest to use something like Crayola's Model Magic, which is very light. After making the planets, we poked a hole through them so that we could string thread through them to hang. Once the planets are hung, it is obvious to see the division between the inner and outer planets. Here is the scale:

Mercury 1/8 inch diameter, red and hang 1 3/4 inch from the sun

Venus, 1/4 inch diameter, green and hand 3 1/4 inch from the sun

Earth, 1/4 inch diameter, blue and green, 4 3/4 inch from sun

Mars, 1/4 inch diameter, pink, 7 inches from the sun

Jupiter, 2 3/4, gray and orange swirl-stripes, 2 feet from the sun

Saturn, 2 3/4 (planet only), gray with two rings, blue and brown around the planet (we made the rings from paper), 3 feet, 8 inches from the sun

Uranus, 1 inch, light green with a blue ring around it, 7 feet, 5 inches from the sun

Neptune, 7/8 inch, greenish-blue, 11 feet, 8 inches from the sun

Pluto, if you should wish to include it, 1/8 inch, black, 15 feet 3 inches from the sun

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