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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, September 14-19 {week 2}

Learning B...
Solving Math Problems...
Making pizza dough...
Starting out the day with calisthenics.
Then our day was filled with finishing up Saturn,
and making maps of the Fertile Crescent.
We tried making reproductions of handprint cave art but we could not get it to work to our satisfaction.
It let them see that it was not as easy as it looks.
We ended up dipping our hands in paint and applying it this way.
Although not exactly like it, their paintings show the spirit of handprint cave art.
We hung up our model planets using a scale of one inch equalling 20 million miles,
but first we had to make a sun to hang up on the wall.
This gave them an idea of how immense our solar system is, the order of the planets and how the planets look. This also gave them an idea of relative size of the planets and their distance form each other.
The afternoon was full of walking the rabbit, playing outlaws with Dad, and playing Jenga, which all attracts more for fun.
Square Dancing in the evening.

What Ancient cultures thought the world was like.
Patterns on a 100's chart.
Games with a Parachute.
Revolution and Rotation of the Earth and its Axis.
How far away Pluto is if the scale is 20 million miles equals one inch and the model is 15 feet 8 inches away from the sun.
Stringed Instruments and where they sit in an Orchestra.
How Gravity works (If there was a tunnel all the way through the Earth to the other side and you dropped a rock into it, how would it fall?)
"B"is for Butterfly.
Common Nouns.
Building Towers.
Playing Battleship and Guess Who?
To the park to run and play with friends and family.
Back home, made butterfly snacks with sister for B-is-for-Butterfly.
More butterfly snacks.
Proper and Common Nouns.
The solar system.
Math games (Arrow Math).
Simple Machines.
Spanish- song, "Bate, Chocolate" (Stir the chocolate) with hand motions, and introductions.

We had lots of playing and building going on with the boys while Katie and I had our fun by playing at alchemy and mixing up homemade cleaners. We spent the whole afternoon scrubbing and cleaning and I had a wonderful time. I know those of you that know me also know how much I love to clean (or rather don't like to clean) and are probably in a state of shock right now. Truth is, I really enjoyed myself.

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