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Association Method for Language Aquisition for Special Needs Students: Incidental Language, Animal Stories and Inanimate Objects

We have been working on Alex's language difficulties and he is now ready for the next steps:
Incidental Language: This is language patterns that typical children just pick up. It is answering the questions, "What do you see?", "What is this?" and "What do you want?" We completed all the drill for this during the 2009 school year but Alex still will not use these phrases in everyday life unless he is forced to. We will continue urging him to.
Animal Stories: These are designed to strengthen vocabulary -noun (animal names), adjectives, plural nouns (body parts), abilities of animals (fly, swim, run, etc.), numbers (usually two or four) and affirmation and negation. Alex has a lot of trouble with negation. We completed these during the 2009 school year, but I didn't feel we got everything we needed to out of them, so I added Venn Diagram drills to our work. For the 2010 school year we will continue with these Animal Venn Diagram drills while we work on Inanimate Objects stories.

Inanimate Objects: With these stories we introduce the pronoun "it." We are teaching the vocabulary of articles of clothing in a descriptive context. He is to apply numbers. He is to increase practice with question language, adding variety and increasing sentences. He is to work on part-to-whole concepts. We are also working on how to distinguish the days of the week and the months of the year and will tell time.

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