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Saint Francis DeSales
painting by Katie Bergenholtz

Summer Fun #7: Bird Puppets

Gather some paper plates, googly eyes, feathers and what not and...make bird puppets!We used colored paper plates, so our directions are a little bit different from the original directions. We folded two paper plates in half, colored side out. We stapled them together around the edge until we got to the fold. We cut a third paper plate in half and taped it to one of the unstapled half circles. The taped two will be the bottom of the bird's mouth and you can fit your thumb into the empty space to make that part move. Your fingers can fit into the pocket that the two stapled plates make. You make his mouth move by moving your thumb and the rest of your hand. The half of the paper plate that is sticking up is your bird's face. Now comes the fun part. You get to decorate your bird puppets any way you like.
This idea came from Stephanie at Ordinary Life Magic where she has step-by-step photo directions for this craft. She uses plain white paper plates and paint, so the directions are a little different.


  1. Ooooh! I have a heap of paper plates and feathers left from our rainbow party last week, and this would be a great way to make use of them, thank you! :)

  2. It's amazing how many fab things you can make with paper plates - we always keep some in stock. :) Thanks for sharing with the Play Academy


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