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Here is the basic order in which I do math...

Pre K-2nd Grade:(Math Their Way)

Pre-K through Kindergarten
  • September-October: Free Exploration and Counting, Pattern One
  • November and December: Sorting and Classifying, Comparing
  • January- February: Number
  • March-May: Number, Pattern Two
First Grade
  • September-October: Free Exploration      and Counting, Pattern One
  • November and December: Sorting and Classifying, Comparing
  • January- March: Number
  • April-May- Place Value, Pattern Two
Second Grade
  • September- Free Exploration and Pattern One
  • October- Pattern One, Sorting and Classification
  • November- Comparing, Number
  • December-January- Number
  • February- Place Value
  • March-May- Place Value, Pattern Two
To See How We do This:

Free Exploration and Counting (3-5 weeks)
     Free Exploration of Math Materials
          Application and Extension
     Counting (Assessment)
          Counting On
Learning to Write Numerals
Patterns, part one (2-4 weeks)
     Application and Extension
Sorting and Classifying (3-4 weeks)
     Application and Extension
Comparing (2-4 weeks)
    Application and Extension
Number (2-5 months) (Assessment)
     Concept Level
          Application and Extension
     Connecting Level
     Symbolic Levels
Place Value (3-4 months) (Assessment)
     Introduction: The Counting Game
     Application and Extension
Patterns, part two (3 months)

3rd-6th Grade (Mathematics, A Way of Thinking)

3rd Grade
Sorting and Classifying Buttons, Small Objects, Objects from Outside, Sorting Trees
Tangrams, Introduction and on Geoboard, Task Cards
Patterns with Tiles
Patterns on Number Tables
Patterns with Cubes
Fractions with Paper, Geoboard
Beginning Addition and Subtraction with Tiles, with Cubes
People and Words
Measurement of People, Same Size Objects, Map
Beginning Multiplication with Tiles, Beans and Cups

4th Grade
Measurement with Straws Sticks and Cubes, Toothpicks Tile and  Paper
Graphing Buttons, People, Cubes, Graph Paper, Assorted Materials, String
Beginning Multiplication with Crosslines
Beginning Division with Beans and Cups, Tiles, Crosslines
Fractions with People, Words, Paper Folding
Sorting and Classifying 
People and Words
Advanced Addition and Subtraction with Tiles and People, Beans and Cups, Beans Cups and Bowls, Beans Cups Bowls and Tin Cans
Metric Measurement with Metric Measuring Devices
Probability with Dice Games, Coins

5th Grade
Coordinate Graphing
Advanced Multiplication with Chips and Other Materials, Boxes
Fractions with Cubes and Other Materials, Geoboard
Sorting and Classifying
People and Words
Decimals with Chips

6th Grade
Coordinate Graphing
Advanced Division- Beans Cups and Bowls, Chips, Long Division
Fractions on Geoboard
Sorting and Classifying
People and Words
Problem Solving

To See How We do This:
Sorting and Classifying
Patterns on Tiles and Cubes
Patterns on Number Tables
Beginning Addition and Subtraction
Beginning Multiplication
Beginning Division
Advanced Addition and Subtraction
Metric Measure
Word Problems
Coordinate Graphing
Negative Numbers
Advanced Multiplication
Advanced Division
Problem Solving

7th and 8th Grades: 
Hands-On Algebra
The Distributive Property
Adding and Subtracting Integers

Solving One-step Equations

Learn Math Fast System 
Begin by taking their Placement Test.
Then go through Learn Math Fast System  beginning where the placement test suggests to practice or introduce any math skills needed before preceding to high school math. 

9-12 Grades: Teaching Textbooks
Begin with Placement Test and begin where they suggest.
9th Grade: Pre Algebra or Algebra I, depending on Placement Test scores
10th Grade Algebra I, or Geometry
11th Grade: Geometry or Algebra II (or begin as Dual Enrollment at College)
12th Grade: Algebra II or Pre Calculus (or Dual Enrollment at College)

Other Hands-On Units for Multiple Ages

Eratosthenes Sieve

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