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Some of you have asked me about how my math curriculum works, so I have been taking some time to organize my math posts in a more orderly manner. Because of this, I will be re-posting some older math posts, but I will be combining them into more step-by-step themes. I hope this will help some of you looking for more structure. For others, I appreciate your putting up with a bunch of re-posts.
Here is the basic order in which I do math...

Pre K-2nd Grade: (Math Their Way) I do this list of activities in this basic order, spiraling around each of these four years. I stop each area when the activities seem to hard for them, because I know I will be getting back to them the following year, or when they seem to have mastered the content of that area. I will be adding links when I finish with each area's post.

Free Exploration and Counting (3-5 weeks)
     Free Exploration of Math Materials
          Application and Extension
     Counting (Assessment)
          Counting On
Learning to Write Numerals
Patterns, part one (2-4 weeks)
     Application and Extension
Sorting and Classifying (3-4 weeks)
     Application and Extension
Comparing (2-4 weeks)
    Application and Extension
Number (2-5 months) (Assessment)
     Concept Level
          Application and Extension
     Connecting Level
     Symbolic Levels
Place Value (3-4 months) (Assessment)
     Introduction: The Counting Game
     Application and Extension
Patterns, part two (3 months)

3rd-6th Grade (Mathematics, A Way of Thinking) (in this basic order)
Patterns on Number Tables
Patterns on Tiles and Cubes
Beginning Addition and Subtraction
Beginning Multiplication
Beginning Division
Word Problems
Advanced Addition and Subtraction
Advanced Multiplication
Advanced Division
Sorting and Classifying
Metric Measure
Coordinate Graphing
Negative Numbers
Problem Solving

As soon as I have finished the material from Math Their Way and Mathematics, A Way of Thinking, I begin using Learn Math Fast System to practice or introduce any math skills needed before preceding to high school math. I have had my students successfully use Teaching Textbooks for highschool math.

Eratosthenes Sieve

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