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Essentials of a Charlotte Mason Education
1. Narration

2. Copywork
3. Nature study
4. Plenty of time spent out of doors
5. Children are trained to develop their will. With habit training discipline is manifested in a strong resolve to act in a right manner.
6. Living Books (no text books)
7. Daily first-hand exposure to great and noble ideas through books, art and music.
8. Memorization of poetry and scripture as a means to have material to meditate on. Memorizaion to assimilate facts is not used.
9. History is taught with primary sources and living history books.
10. Use real books for reading instruction rather than readers.
11. Schooling is teacher-directed, so is not unschooling, but is not as directed as typical American schooling methods found in public schools, so that the child takes from the lessons and integrates it into his own view of the world.
12. Short lessons with an emphasis on excellent execution and focused attention and variation in the day's scheduled activities so as not to over-stress the brain on one task. All afternoons are free.
13. In the teaching of mathematics, the ability to reason is emphasized over "working sums." Emphasis is placed on story problems and working with numbers that are within the child's comprehension, therefore, a manipulative-based instruction is desirable.
14. A proficiency in at least one language other than their own is encouraged. A rudimentry knowledge of several languages is also encouraged.
15. Time each day for daily walks and/or a "drill" which includes stretching, breathing exercises, calisthenics, dancing, singing, and games.
16. The knowledge of God is the primary knowledge and the most important.

This list is a modification of a list made by Ambleside Online.
I invite you to go there for more information. http://www.amblesideonline.org/

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