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High School Ancient History, Exam 4

Essay Questions
  1. How did humanism, which placed the individual at the center of creation, vary from medieval thinking, and how great an influence did the concept play in all types of humanistic thought?
  2. Why is Nicolo Machiavelli often called the first modern man? Although his ideas were found to be radical for his time, would these same ideas be considered radical today? Be sure to cover Machiavelli's major ideas. (For extra credit, give examples from newspapers or magazines.)
  3. The secularization of society during the period of about 1300 to 1550 had many causes. What do you consider to have been the most important factors?
  4. Comment on the development of how individuals have, by their nature, sought some semblance of security. What did the Protestant Revolution do to this idea? What do you see as being the main forms of security in our age?
Short Answer
studia humanitates
literary humanism
Francesco Petrach
Pico della Mirandola
"priesthood of all believers"
sola fide
gente nuova
de contemptu mundi
John Wycliff
civic humanism
Desiderius Erasmus
sola scriptural
Orations on the Dignity of Man
"Mirror of Princes Literature"

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