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High School Ancient History, Exam 3

Essay Questions
  1. What were the causes for the decline of the feudal system?
  2. Comment on the open expanding frontier as being one of the most characteristic aspects of the Middle Ages. Include in your discussion the external and internal areas of expansion, the effect on the medieval society with the opening of the medieval frontier and the closing of the medieval frontier.
  3. Trace the conflict between the church and the state in the Middle Ages.
  4. Comment on the development of the church in the Middle Ages, including the positive effect Saint Augustine and the other Church Father's had upon the Church and the final end with the supremacy of the Roman Church.
Short Answer
Charles Martel
Treasury of Merit
College of Cardinals
Song of Roland
Corpus Christisnum
Saint Benedict
Black Death
City of God
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Council of Pisa (1409)
Saint Ambrose
Battle of Tours

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