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High School Ancient History Lesson 21: The Expanding Medieval Frontier

Note that contrary to the idea that the Middle Ages was a Dark Age, that tremendous expansion actually took place -territoriality, socially, economically and intellectually.

I. End of the Invasions -The Open Society of the Middle Ages

II. Territorial Expansion
     A .Spain --The Reconquista
     B. Byzantine Empire -Robert Guiscard
     C. William the Conqueror -The Bayeux Tapestry --The Battle of Hastings
     D. The Crusades
          1. James Brundage The Medieval Canon Law and the Crusades
          2. The Council of Clermont. 
              a. Read Pope Urban's Speech at Clearmont, France
          3. The First Crusade, 1096
          4. The Second Crusade, 1147
          5. The Third Crusade, 1189
          6. The Four Lost Crusades, 1202, 1219, 1228, 1248

III. Effects of Expansion
     A. Social Effects/Expansion
     B. Economic Effects/Expansion
     C. Intellectual Effects/Expansion
          1. Saint Thomas Aquinas -scholasticism -Aristitelian Logic. Read Summa Theologica.
          2. The Rise of the Medieval Universities
     D. Closing of the Medieval Frontier
          1. The Black Death

Complete a map showing the Crusades.

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