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High School Ancient History Lesson 19: Charlemagne: The Consolidation of the Empire

Note the attainment of security for the first time since the fall of Rome with the emergence of a true Western society under the leadership of Charlemagne.

I. Charlemagne
     A. Charles Martel "The Hammer"
     B. Pepin the Short
     C. Charlemagne
          1. Military Leadership
          2. Christian (Pious) Warrior
          3. Government
          4. Carolingian Renaissance

II. 9th Century Invasions and the Collapse of the Carolingian Empire
     A. Louis the Pious

Complete maps: 1.) showing Charlemagne's Empire, including the Frankish Kingdom of 768, Areas Conquerored by Charlemagne and the Byzantine Empire, as well as the surrounding areas, 2.) showing the 9th Century Invasions of the Vikings, Magyars and Muslims.

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