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High School Ancient History, Exam 2

Essay Questions

  1. Evaluate the origins of Rome and the essence of "res publica."
  2. During the Roman Revolution the leaders of the Republic lost their gift for compromise. How did this revolution come about and what were the effects it had on the Roman Republic, as personified by the fall of Caesar and the rise of Octavian?
  3. Trace the development of Christianity from it's beginnings in the Roman Empire, showing both the good fortunes and the setbacks it encountered.
  4. Many causes have been given for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Analyze the various interpretations covered, being sure to consider economic, military, political and social causes. Be  sure to include what you think were the causes for the fall of Rome and why.

Short Answer

res public
Ides of March
Roman Law
Edict of Milan
Gaius Marius
Sermon on the Mount
Tiberius Gracheus
Battle of the Milvian Bridge
Council of Nicaea (325 AD)
Age of the Martyr

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