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High School Ancient History Lesson 13: The Empire and the Rise of Christianity

Note the supreme security that the Roman Empire achieved and within that security the emergence of the philosophy of Christianity.

I. Principate of Augustus
     A. Military Power
     B. Political and Imperial Power
     C. Social and Religious Policy
     D. Literature
     E. Political Succession

Read Res Gestae: The Accomplishments of Agustus, Augustus

II. Successors to Augustus
     A. Tiberius
     B. Caligula
     C. Claudius
     D. Nero

III. The Empire at its Height
     A. The Flavian Emperors
          1. Titus Flavius Vespasian
          2. Domitian
     B. The Five Good Emperors
          1. Nerva
          2. Trajan
          3. Hadrian
          4. Antonius Pius
          5. Marcus Aurelius (Read Meditations, Marcus Aurelius.)
     C. The Roman Empire in the Second Century
          1. Economy
          2. Provincial Government
          3. Roman Law (Read The Laws, Cicero.)

IV. The Beginnings of Christianity (Roman Perspective)
     A. Roman attitudes of gods (Read The Sermon on the Mount.)
     B. Historical Strengths of Christianity
          1. He was human.
          2. He was a demanding leader.
          3. They created support groups.
          4. There was an individual ethic.
     C. Why did Christianity succeed?
          1. Will of God
          2. Leaders of Rome not worried about Christianity


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