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Middle School American History : Revolutionary War

Research about famous Americans who were associated with the events of the war:
Ethan Allen
John Paul Jones
Paul Revere
Crispus Atticus
Benedict Arnold
George Washington
Marquis de Lafayette
Friedrich von Steuben

Cornwallis surrendered to Washington on October 19th 1781. The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3rd 1783. Add these dates to the timeline. Research about the Treaty of Paris.  What was gained by the War? What was lost?  Draw a map of the 13 original states.  What were the borders set by the Treaty of Paris?

Research  about the government immediately following the war. Write about the money and laws. Why didn't it work? The poorly organized government led to the creation of the Constitution.  The Constitutional Convention met in 1787 to write this document that still organizes our government today.

There is a picture that hangs in the US Capitol of the signing of the Constitution. If possible look at a copy of that picture. Identify some of the delegates.

Read "Shh! We're writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz.

Read the Preamble to the Constitution. In the Preamble, there is 6 reasons explaining why the Constitution was written. Write the 6 reasons for it the Constitution in your own words.

Read about the three branches of government set up in the Constitution. Why did the founding fathers feel that the three branches were necessary? What is meant by separation of powers and checks and balances? Complete a chart of the three branches of government. Include the titles of the leaders and their duties.

Research about the Constitutional Convention.
What famous delegates attended the Convention?
Which state did not attend and why?
Where did the Convention meet?
Who was elected president of the Convention?
Who became known as the " Father of the Constitution"? Why?
What kind of representation did the larger states think there should be in Congress?
How did the smaller states feel about this? How was the problem solved?
Who copied the Constitution in good English order?
Why didn't James Madison sign the Constitution?
When was the Constitution adopted by the Convention? Add this date to your timeline.
Which state was the first to ratify it?
How many states had to ratify it? Which state officially made the Constitution valid? How long did it take to ratify it?

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