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Snapshot Summary, July 2018

Betterton Beach at Sunset, taken by James
Snapshot Summary, July 2018
This has been such a busy summer for us. 

It began with a fourth of July celebration with friends...
and fireworks in Chestertown.

We continued our summer long game of Diplomacy.

We went to a Forest Faire...
with a Medieval flair.
We made a few around-the-world cultural dinners, including this Greek one, in which I made Spanokopita.

Katie made Dango, a Japanese dessert, from scratch.

Katie also finished up her ceramic wind chime.

Alex had his 24th birthday.

Sam and James finished their Beginner Akido lessons.

The saddest point of the month was when our beloved cat, Peter, passed away.

When Peter was passing away, James attempted to make him more comfortable and was scratched by Peter. This scratch became infected to the point that James had to stay in the hospital for a couple days while he received IV antibiotics. James, in his usual good nature, took the whole event in stride.

Quentin went to his usual voice lessons and even had a few extra to work on his songs for the musical he was in.

If last month was the month of Quentin's show, Pippin, then this month was the month of his intensive theater workshop, Les Miserables.

This meant we had to make the 45 minute (each way) trip to Middletown Delaware to the Everett Theater (the same one that was featured in Dead Poet's Society) every day for three weeks of this month. We used this time to do various things, including a shopping trip and time to do some reading at the Pocket Garden with Katie.

The show was an incredible success. I know I could be partial due to the fact that my son was in it, but it truly was the best play I have ever seen. 

This was the most incredible collection of actors and singers, that it was hard to believe that it was community theater, let alone all teens and under!

I was so pleased that Quentin could be among these amazingly talented youths.

He played seven roles (the prison guard, a farmer, the factory foreman, the pimp, an inn guest, one of the ABC cafe revolutionaries [Prouvaire], and a wedding guest) which included 9 costume changes.

He danced, he sang, in ensemble and solo, he learned how to cross behind the stage while changing costumes in lightning speed and he made lots of friends. It was an incredible experience, an incredible show.

How was your July?

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