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Snapshot Summary, June 2018

June 2018
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June was an extremely busy month.
We wrapped up the last bit of school work for the year, so I now officially have two high school students! 
We are completing some new work this summer.
Katie began teaching James and Quentin First Aid for their Health credit.

James and Sam are continuing to take Aikido classes. James will be using this as part of a Physical Education credit.
Most of June, however, was taken up with rehearsals (3 hours each night) and the nine performances of Pippin. This is a fast-paced frolicking show in which Quentin was on stage singing and dancing for most of the show. There were numerous costume changes as he played several different characters, including a jester and a soldier. He gain a lot of experience being in this show...

and he received this lovely card from the director.

On the way back home from the Pippin cast party, we saw this rainbow. 

Katie made this Eclair Cake for Steven for Father's Day.

We spent the first day of summer at our beach.

Alex has been painting some...

and Katie is making a set of ceramic wind chimes.

We went to the ocean beach to camp for a couple of days, where we celebrated James 17 1/2 birthday (we celebrate his half birthday because his birthday is so close to Christmas.)

How is your summer going?

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