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First Aid, Lesson 4: Assessing the Victim

Explain how to check the victim's responsiveness and normal breathing.
Tap the victim's shoulder and ask, "Are you okay?" Determine where the victim is on the following scale:
  • Alert
  • Responds to verbal stimuli
  • Responds to Painful stimuli (pinch)
  • Unresponsive
Check to see if the victim is breathing normally, if he can cough or speak. Determine if you need to start CPR.

Demonstrate how to move a victim into the recovery position and explain when this is done.
Position the victim's arm across the victim's body.
Bend both legs so the victim's position is stabilized.
Grasp the victim at the shoulder and hips and roll them on their side.
Check the airway and open mouth to allow drainage.

Explain the importance of each element in the SAMPLE history.

  • Signs and symptoms
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Previous problems
  • Last food or drink
  • Events

Demonstrate how to perform a physical examination of responsive victim without a life-threatening problem.

  1. Being careful not to move the victim's head or neck, check the head.
  2. Check neck area for medical alert necklace, deformity or swelling and pain. Do not move the neck.
  3. Check skin appearance, temperature and moisture.
  4. Check chest. Ask victim to breathe deeply.
  5. Check abdomen.
  6. Check pelvis and hips.
  7. Check upper extremities. Look for medical alert bracelet.
  8. Check lower extremities.

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