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Snapshot Summary, Our 22nd Year of Homeschooling: May 2018

 May 2018
Note: I will be archiving the Snapshot Summary posts to my family memories blog, Bergblog after one month. See the Our Homeschool What Our Homeschool Looks Like tab at the top of this blog to find the links to the archived Snapshot Summary posts.

 May started out with a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration.
 We tried out a few new recipes. Katie and I made Empanadas...
 and Churros.
I got to use Katie's Mexican inspired tray of bowls.
We celebrated Quentin's 14th birthday.
He went to many, many hours of rehearsal. He is rehearsing for two productions and is auditioning for a third one tomorrow.
There were weekly voice lessons.
The college kids finished up their semester and Katie and I celebrated at a sushi place. She got 2 A's (Small Business and Sculpture) and 1 B (Ceramics). Sam got 2 A's (Logic and International Relations) and 2 B's (Psychology and History, Western Civilization I). 

I took Sam to Chestertown to get a haircut. He literally had no time to get a haircut this semester and had gotten quite shaggy. I love going to this barber shop because it feels like I just walked into Floyd's Barbershop. All you Andy Griffith fans will understand what I mean.
We had many game nights with friends.
Sam and James have gone to a few game nights at the MTG club.
James has accomplished a lot of schoolwork this month, as well:
American History II: The human side of the Civil War; The KKK and carpetbaggers; Seward’s Alaska; Colonel Custer and Little Big Horn; Spanish American War; Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders; Orphans and immigrants; Christian evangelists and revivals; Salvation Army; Hydroelectric dams; New jobs for women; Newspapers and magazines; Kodak cameras; Exploring the North Pole, Japan, and Central America; Yellow Fever; The Titanic; Panama Canal; Reapers, thrashers, and tractors; Bungalows, apartments, and bloomers; Philip Sousa; Sears catalogs; John Dewey and progressive education; Booker T. Washington improves schools for minority children; Babe Ruth, Jim Torpe, May Sutton, and the Williams sisters; Canned foods; Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and airplanes; The Wright Brothers; Henry Ford; Plastics.

World Geography: Asia Himalaya Mountains, Pontic Mountains, Syrian Desert, Gobi Desert, Dead Sea, Yellow River, Yangtze River, Ganges River, Kara Sea, Amur River, hot springs, permafrost, Aurora Borealis, zud, tsunami, subarctic, Komodo Dragon, Sumatran tiger, Snow Leopard, King Cobra, vampire bat, Taj Mahal

Integrated Physics and Chemistry II: the Earth, minerals; sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock, volcanoes, weathering, erosion, rock cycle, silicon, gems, boron, aluminum, energy, oxidizers, physical equilibrium, chemical equilibrium, careers.

English 10: Composition Skills: Key topics: the four kinds of compositions, narrative writing, vignettes, newspaper article, short story, nonfiction, fiction, descriptive writing, argumentative writing, expository writing

Basic Math Skills: Key topics: Calculation with a scientific calculator—addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers and roots, percent, area, volume; scientific notation, mean and median, weight conversions, unknowns, temperature

We also have started a summer schedule now that college is out and our homeschool is winding down. Sam is tutoring James and Quentin in math and Katie is teaching them First Aid for their Health credit. They will do little other school throughout the summer. The summer schedule will include lots of fun activities, including beach and pool time.
A a piece of the summer schedule includes an on-going game of Diplomacy, in which we are completing one turn a day.

Also on the summer schedule is Aikido. Katie, Sam and James are taking lessons this summer while Quentin is at rehearsals. They now have their uniforms (Sakura), so the next set of pictures will be with them in them.

 We had a Memorial Day celebration...
 and we had a Beer and Cheese tasting for Sam's 21st birthday. (As you can see, we still have the Memorial Day tablecloth down.)

Katie also made him a Lord Baltimore Cake, which is a white layer cake with fluffy frosting and a fruit and nut filling. The humidity is so high that the cake did not set right and sort of melted, but it was delicious.

How was your May?

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