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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

January 2018: Snapshot Summary

We had a lovely first day of the New Year, complete with Hoppin' John stuffed peppers.
 On Twelfth Night, we had our traditional party, which includes finding the pickle ornament...
 and receiving the "pickle prize" of the last gift of Christmas. 
It was a chess set this year, which inspired many games of chess.

I got this lovely set of soup bowls, and so I just had to make each of the soups. The recipes for the soups are on the backs of the bowls.

 The kids have been enjoying their Christmas presents.

I have been enjoying painting. I did most of these during the really cold spell. Our furnace went out for the downstairs and so we were all confined mostly to the upstairs until it was fixed, so I did a lot of painting. I decided that I didn't want to paint on canvases for the most part as I did not have the wall space for them, so I bought a painting sketchbook to paint in. Overall it has worked well, but it is much harder to paint on paper as opposed to canvas. 
(top left) Decorating the Christmas Tree, (top right) Saint Nicholas Day, (bottom left), Decorating the House, (bottom right) Shopping for Secret Santa Gifts
Another project I have been working on is making a permanent Advent Calendar to use beginning next year. My plan is to have a board with 24 spots in which to hang miniature canvases which depict the various advent traditions we have. I then can arrange them in any order each year. These are the first four paintings I have done for it. Most of them are based off of The Art Sherpa's video tutorials, but I did Saint Nicholas by myself. The canvases are about 2 inches square.

And how was your January?

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