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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our 22nd Year of Homeschooling, October 2017: Art Lessons Using The Art Sherpa

Homeschooling, October 2017
Acrylic Art Lessons Using The Art Sherpa

We have enjoyed learning how to paint with acrylics using Cinnamon Cooney's (The Art Sherpa) tutorials. She shows and describes how to complete any of a whole list of gorgeous paintings. Even if you have no experience and feel you have little talent, you can still create beautiful pieces of art. As she teaches, she is constantly telling you why or how she creates the effects she is showing and her tutorials are filled with so much information, it is almost like taking a college-level art course! I am taking this information and making quizzes to complete their art classes. I cannot recommend these tutorials enough, as they can transform your student that feels as if he cannot create art into confidant artists. Alex has created several beautiful pieces even with his language difficulties, so it is also very helpful in teaching art to  people with special needs.

The College Kids

The college kids are doing well and enjoying their classes. They have adapted to their new college and all the driving that Sam has to do to get to them (it is an hour and a half away). Katie has particularly fallen in love with ceramics and believes that she has found her calling. These are some of the pieces she has created (a couple of her best pieces I cannot show as she is giving them away as Christmas presents) in her Ceramics I class. She is looking forward to taking Ceramics II and III. 
Both Sam and Katie have also learned a lot in their First Aid course and now know how to perform lots of live-saving measures, including mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and using a defibrillator.

Sam is also enjoying his Political Theory class and I am enjoying hearing about one of my favorite professors from when I went to the same college many years ago.

Statistics is probably their most difficult class and seems to be the course that requires the most homework.

James, 9th grade

James is doing really well since we switched to Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for his entire school program (I will be writing more about the curriculum in next month's post.) It is very much a read-the-text-and-answer-the-questions program, which is not my style of learning but it works for him, so we are sticking with it. 
This month he went over French explorers, original Thirteen Colonies, recreation in the Colonies, colonial weddings, wild game food, shelters and houses, tutors and "the three R’s", first book printed for Indians, mail delivery, covered wagons, farming, the Great Awakening, George Washington, Eliza Pinckney) in Places and Principles of America, The Discovering
In English I: Language Skills, he studied sentences—main and subordinate clauses, simple sentences, fragments, compound sentences, connecting conjunctions, run-on complex, and diagramming simple, compound and complex sentences. He reviewed graphs and signed numbers in Basic Math Skills. He learned about atomic weights, heat, measuring temperature, Galileo and the Pendulum,, Galileo and motion: speed and acceleration in Integrated Physics and Chemistry.

Quentin, 8th grade
Quentin has completed his study of Exodus this month (Picture Smart Bible Curriculum).  He is studying the chemistry of life in Biology, and the basics in Physical Science (Exploring Creation with Physical Science). He is studying fractions using Math on the Level. He is working on Greek (Basic Greek in Thirty Minutes a Day: New Testament Greek Workbook) and Latin (Latin's Not So Tough, Level 3). He is working his way through How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare. Although he did not attending Fencing lessons this month due to illness, we did manage to go to some Voice lessons, and he is progressing nicely with that. He has been working on Billy Joel's Piano Man and Simon and Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence. Next month we plan to focus on his writing history papers.


  1. Ha ha ha ha, that picture of Quentin is awesome!
    Katie's making some really good ceramics.

  2. As usual, everyone's art work is stunning!


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