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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

October 2017 Snapshot Summary

October 2017 Snapshot Summary
October began with the first chilly weather we have had this year.

(I wrote this seven years but as it was the first cold morning after a warm fall, I was reminded of it.)

And since it was The First 54 Degree Morning, I had to look at this poem I wrote a long time ago, which I do every year on the first chilly morning. It still makes me smile because it depicts my husband and one of my sons perfectly.

The First 54 Degree Morning

"It's the first day of Fall," I say,
wrapping the blanket tighter.
"No, it's not," says he, flipping a page and
pointing to the box with the 22 in it.
"I thought it started when the yellow buses started rolling,"
says the diminutive one, flipping the page back and pointing to the box with the 24.
So much like him and yet he would never admit it.
"No, " says he. He begins to draw spheres bisected with lines to explain.
Diminutive one shrugs, both an acknowledgement and dismissal
I could never understand.
"It's the first day of Fall," I say again,
thinking of days before ticking and boxes,
thinking of silence, smelling smoke and following buffalo on the move.
He shrugs, with both an acknowledgement and dismissal.
I was the only one who noticed.

Alex and Lewis enjoying each other's company.
 We all caught Infectious Mononucleosis and so were sick off and on all month...
"No, I want to read it first!" says Midas.
 and so, we did not do a lot of things out of the house. 

There were a lot of quiet moments around the house instead.

We were able to celebrate Halloween with a pumpkin carving party, complete with a monster meatloaf.

Quentin made cupcakes with orange and yellow layers and white icing to look like candy corn. Sorry, but I don't have a picture of what they looked like inside.
I also bought a kit to make mad scientist petri dishes, which are edible because they are made of gelatin, decorator's icing and sprinkles. Pretty fun even for the older kids.

We had a Creature from the Black Lagoon, a Renaissance Swordsman and a Lich for Halloween...
and Eddie accompanied us, but I can't remember what he said he was...some person from a video game.

I had a great Halloween because the kids do the trick-or-treating on their own and Steven and I can sit in the backyard with a fire in the fire-pit and wait for the trick-or-treaters to follow the signs I posted on the door and fence and give them candy. 
We put apple cider in our Dutch Oven and put it over the fire to warm. When it began to boil, it really did look like a witch's cauldron. Next year I think we will make it easier on them and just move the fire-pit to the front yard. 
When my kids got back from trick-or-treating, they toasted marshmallows and made s'mores and drank what was left of the hot cider before we retired to the house.

Happy Halloween!

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