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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary: September 2017

I try to write two posts a month which summarize all that we have done that month. One focuses on the school activities we do and the other covers the other things we have done throughout the month. I, however, sometimes find it hard to decide which category things that we do fit in, as so many things can be considered learning experiences.
 Our annual Young Eagles flight is one of them. The boys get a little lesson in flight from the pilot before take-off. 
 They get in the plane.

Notice the yellow plane, which takes off at about the same time as the boys' plane.
photo by James
They have about a 15-minute flight. 
See the yellow plane below?

Of course there has been lots of time at the beach. Can you see the smoke coming from the far shore?
Someone made a bonfire on the beach.
 One evening you could see at the same time the sun setting and...
the moon rising.

We have played lots of The Fury of Dracula.

Katie celebrated her 26th birthday. I made her a pair of beach themed cakes.

If you would like to paint one, too, go to the Art Sherpa's video tutorial series.
I am working on a new painting, a still life this time. It is quite a challenge and, with being so busy, it will take some time for me to complete it.

For those of you who have been following us for some time, Hope is still in a lot of pain from her broken collarbone and is now seeking a second opinion.

How was your September?


  1. Ouch, that looks super painful on the collarbone, it looks like the bone is not in the correct place to heal, is that right?

    1. Yes.She went to an Urgent Care unit when she was first in the accident and they gave her an arm brace and sent her home with instructions to follow up with her doctor in six weeks, so by the time she did follow up, it was too late to have the surgery she really needed to have had.

  2. That's terrible about it being too late for surgery. Poor Hope. How is she doing now?


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