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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, August 2017: Endings and Beginnings

August is a big month for us. 
Lunch break with friends during drama camp.
Quentin finished his drama camp...
 with three productions of The Princess Bride

At Busch Gardens.
We had our annual Camp Bergenholtz/vacation...
This year we went to Colonial Williamsburg, 
Busch Gardens and 

Water Country USA. We took advantage of the Bounce ticket which lets you go to all three sites as many times as you want for seven consecutive days, parking included. Well worth the price!

We camped at this very interesting campground that had the smallest campsites I have ever seen...

and a train ran by several times a day, including about four times a night, about 10 feet from our tent. Despite all of that, it was clean and friendly and homey and we had a good time there...

swimming in the swimming pool, playing pool, air hockey and poker.
While we were in Williamsburg, we saw the eclipse through borrowed glasses and saw the interesting shapes the eclipse made in the shadows of the trees.
The Museum at Battle Creek Cyprus Swamp.
We went to my sister-in-law's house for a couple of days, and went to four museums in the area...
Boatride at the Calvert Marine Museum.
and went on a ride on the Tennyson, a Bugeye boat.
At the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Museum.
We also had planned to go camping at Cape Henlopen and take a River Cruise,  but they were both rained out. Perhaps we will catch those on a weekend this fall or even next year. Instead, we went on small local excursions, including the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Museum.
We enjoyed a new game, The Fury of Dracula
 College began again for Sam and Katie, but at a new place, or actually two new places as they are taking classes at two campuses, one 1 1/2 hours from home and one two hours from home. At least they only go three days a week, and are otherwise home. They are taking Statistics together and will be taking First Aid together starting September 13. Sam is also taking Political Theory (with my old Western Civilization professor!). Katie is taking Ceramics I, which requires additional studio time and Drawing I. 

The younger boys will be starting school in September.

How has your August been?


  1. What a great August. It looks like a ton of fun. What a commute for college. That is hard on your days.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Oh, I guess I forgot to say that Sam now has his driver's license so he drives himself and Katie. The commute makes a long day for the two of them, but it doesn't affect my day at all, except my nerves, worrying about them...

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  2. That's a lot of driving!

    Happy sigh at the thought of Colonial Williamsburg. It looks like you had a fun week (even with the train).

    1. Oh yes, we had a great time. I have been meaning to do this trip since we last went there twenty years ago! It was fun to have the roller coaster breaks, too.


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