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Summer "Bucket" List: Make Bejeweled Goblets

  • wine glasses or goblets, either glass or plastic, depending on the age of the child
  • glass mosaic beads
  • clear silicone adhesive (We used Flora Bond.)
Having the pattern you want in mind, apply a little glue to either the bead or to the glass where you want the bead to be and then pull the bead off. Either hold the bead in your hand or set it glue side up on the table and let the glue dry or get a bit harder for a few minutes.
This is the hard part as it goes against natural instinct because you think the glue will dry to much and be worthless. After a few minutes, put the bead back in the same place as the glue spot and press a little. It should stick and stay put. If it slides at all, it means the glue is still too wet. Take off the bead and let dry a little more.
You can do this with a few spots at a time, but if you do too many at once you run the risk of getting glue everywhere by touching spots unintentionally. Turn the glass and do a few more sports until the entire glass is complete.
For my younger boys, I had them sketch their designs out on paper for me to complete.


  1. Oh! How incredibly cool!

  2. We did this once, the kids really had fun with it.


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