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Summer Bucket List: Glowstick Man

Here is a fun thing you can do on hot summer nights.
photo by Denise Toth
Get a friend and help each other tape glow sticks all over your body to represent the main bones of the body. Use clear tape so that the glowsticks show through. Finish it off by making a circle with the glowsticks and putting that around your head. It takes about 60 glowsticks to do this project.
photo by Denise Toth
As it gets dark, glowing stick men appear!
You can have lots of fun making your stickmen do all sorts of fun things as you bend and move your body around. I really should have made a video of this as the boys really had fun thinking of clever things the stickmen could do!

This also would make a fun and inexpensive Halloween costume.

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