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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, May 2017

May was a busy month, filled with activities that have become routine. 
 James went to his MTG club.
The boys went to First Friday Roller Skating.

Quentin went to Voice 
and Fencing lessons.

He also participated in a team-building tournament called War of the Room. Unfortunately his team didn't win, but it was a fun day and he did well for his team.
His fencing club is getting quite large, with 66 members now.
We went to the beach most days that were sunny...
and even some that weren't.
We even took cheese fries to the beach one day.

 We enjoyed trading books at the neighborhood little free library.

 Katie and Sam finished up their semesters at Chesapeake College. Katie got A's in English Composition, Painting II and Freshman Seminar, and a C in Math. Sam got A's in English, Freshman Seminar and Microeconomics and a B in US History. They both qualified for the Honor's Program, but they are transferring to Anne Arundel Community College next year so that they can take additional courses in their selected majors (Katie-Art and Sam-Politics). Katie is register to take  Ceramics I, Drawing I, First Aid and Statistics next semester. Sam is register to take Statistics, Japanese I, Introduction to Philosophy and Political Theory.

 Quentin turned 13, and for a few weeks we had three teenage boys in the house (Sam turned 20 at the end of the month). For Quentin's birthday party, we had a mystery party set in an Italian vineyard.
They all enjoyed acting their parts, as the dinner progressed.
 There was lots of intrigue as the clues were revealed, one by one. The characters challenged each other and defended themselves as the story unfolded. In the end, the murderer was revealed...
and then Quentin's birthday was celebrated.  Quentin wanted a Baked Alaska as his birthday cake, so I gave it a try. I had never made one before. I hadn't even made meringue before. It didn't quite turn out as the meringue began to slide off before it browned, but I rescued it before it was a total flop and it turned out to be tasty even if it wasn't browned or perfect looking.

One of the gifts Quentin got for his birthday was two baby rats.

We had a combination Memorial Day-birthday party for Sam, 
and then a few days later had a Japanese party.
Katie made from scratch the Onigiri and Miso Soup, which were delicious!

I hope you had a great May!


  1. Wow! Great job to your college students. I am sure you are pleased. The mystery birthday dinner looks like a blast.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm so happy to have some time to hop on the blog-osphere! What a great month you had (and so many birthday celebrations)! Happy birthday to all of them :). Cheesefries at the beach and the neighborhood free library... LOVE it! I want them! :).

  3. It looks like a wonderful May. His fencing club is getting pretty big!


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