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Our 21st year of Homeschooling Comes to a Close, May 2017

As our school year is all but finished this month, we are switching over to summer schedule in June. With that are also thinking ahead to the new year.
We will be working on Biology throughout the summer as we can, and continue with whatever we do not complete into next year.

Quentin will pick up American History where we left off next year. We are planning a couple of history related field trips this summer.

The Edcon workbooks seem to be working for James, so we will continue with those in the fall. Science and History materials from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum also seems to be working for him, so we will continue with those in the fall as well. 

Through the summer we'll be keeping skills up, (such as math) by playing games and by completing activities in my summer learning camps.

Sam plans to continue with Japanese and Katie plans to paint throughout the summer.

Quentin plans to continue fencing and voice lessons throughout the summer except when he is going to Acting Camp.

Beginning in June, we would like to enjoy some fun days of summer. How about you?

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  1. We have hit the busy part of our summer, and I just dropped the boys off at their first mission trip yesterday, and they're off to Houston. It's gonna be a fun and somewhat busy week.


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