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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, February 2017

February was full of scenes like this as we caught a terrible cold that circulated throughout the family. It took a full two weeks before each person was through with the symptoms and another week before each of us were feeling back to our strength.
We did celebrate Saint Valentine's day in small ways.
We also celebrated Brenda's birthday...
and Mardi Gras.
Because of the unseasonably warm weather, we made many more trips to the beach than we usually do in February.
 So there were lots of times like this...
 and this.
Quentin didn't go to three of his fencing lessons this month due to illness, but he is now back to it and loving it.
Voice lessons are becoming more regular and are really enjoyable for Quentin.
Likewise, James has gone to some of his MTG meetings.


  1. I am glad you are all on the mend. It looks like you had some fun moments between bouts of illness.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I love your collages Phyllis, especially the Valentine's day one. It looks like you had a lovely month.

  3. Love those cheerful Valentine pics and the gorgeous beach. I hope everyone's feeling well again now.

  4. I think we are starting to come down with the crud here. Right now Princess is laying on the couch looking quite pathetic.

  5. I am sorry you were all sick. It was not a fun February here either. I hope everyone is fully recovered by now!

  6. We had that nasty cold, too. It took forever to get better. Glad you are all feeling well now. I love that you were able to get to the beach a lot!


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