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Our 21st Year of Homeschooling, February 2017

Quentin, 7th grade

Science: Biology (Exploring Creation with Biology)

Quentin became too frustrated with the simplicity of Exploring Creation with General Science, and since he was getting all A's on the tests, we decided to begin Biology instead. We began with a lesson on using the microscope. He then learned how to use Biological Keys.
 We then moved on to Kingdom Monera and Kingdom Protista (those are links to posts from 3 years ago).

Math (Teaching Textbooks)

He completed lessons in Regrouping with Decimals, Money Word Problems, Thousandths and Decimals and the Meaning of Division.


Quentin finished up his unit on grammar and will begin a writing unit next month.

History: Renaissance and Early American History

He finished lessons on 
Spanish Succession
17th Century Art and Architecture
Scientific Revolution or the Age of Reason
Evaluating Resources
Early American Settlers

Intermediate Fencing

Quentin is happily continuing fencing lessons, although he missed a few lessons this month due to illness.

James, 9th grade


Physical Science and Chemistry (Integrated Physics and Chemistry)

James completed lessons on:
Metals and Nonmetals
Classification of Chemicals
Conservation of Matter
Continuous and Discrete
Chemical Formulas of Compounds


my hair
 Although James' book work centered on physical science and chemistry, he joined us with our microscope work...
bread mold
 and he spent some time learning how to take photographs of the things he viewed using a cell phone camera.
bread mold

Math: Algebra I (Teaching Textbooks)

James worked on Commutative Property.


James completed his study of The Tempest and we will take a break from Shakespeare next month and focus on a classic novel instead.

History: Early American History, focus on Maryland History

James completed lessons on:
Starting a New Colony
The Indians of Early Maryland
The Early Colony
Life in Colonial America
The Colony Grows


  1. 21 years - Wow!! I love the look of all that science.

  2. Twenty-One years of homeschooling!! You go mom! We are on year 18. We are both old timers ~ LOL!
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. How do you like Teaching Textbooks? I'm thinking of switching to it next year.

    1. I love Teaching Textbooks. That said, they do a lot of repetition so if your child excels at math, they may find it tedious.

    2. I love Teaching Textbooks. That said, they do a lot of repetition so if your child excels at math, they may find it tedious.


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