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High School American Government Course, free and textbookless

I tend toward a textbookless school and by the time my students make it to high school, they have developed sufficient research skills to find the basic information needed for the high school level American Government course. I  provide them with guiding essay questions for them to research and then answer. If you are looking for this type of American Government lessons, you can use this series. I have divided the lessons into 18 lessons and your student spends two weeks on each lesson, you will have plenty of material for a year-long course.

The lessons are arranged by topic heading and then an essay question.  Below the question,  I  have written a sentence or two that tells you, the teacher, the gist of what is expected for answer, a teacher's guide, of sorts. Remember, your student's answers won't be word for word as it is his own research.

Here are the topics covered in order of posts:
5. Opinion and Participation
6. Mass Media and Political Agenda
7. Political Parties
8. Campaigns and Elections
9. Internet Groups
10. Congress
13. Courts
14. Politics and Personal Liberty
15. Politics and Civil Rights
16. Politics and the Economy
17. Politics and Social Welfare
18. Politics and National Security

Source: Politics in America, Thomas Dye and Ronald Gaddie

High School American Government


  1. I'd recommend Crash Course Government and Politics on YouTube as an additional source :)

  2. I missed reading your amazing blog Phyllis. I have always loved seeing what you do. I love this Government study. Keilee is doing Government next year and I am going to use your resources!

  3. Oh, I'm looking forward to this and what you share.


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