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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

2016...a Review of the Year

2016 was a year for lots of changes for us.
We bought a new (to us) car now that the kids are older and we don't all always go to the same place.

Sam, Quentin, Katie and James teamed up with some other homeschoolers and put on a Dinner Theater production, Murder at the Banquet. Because Hope was able to get donations from the community, we were able to serve 40 people free of charge.
Also in May, we began our kitchen remodel and some other home improvements.
We had two graduates, Alex and Sam, in June.
Also in June, Katie began taking college classes.
Quentin started fencing in July,
Quentin in The Hobbit
and was in the Garfield Theater's summer camp for the first time.
Sam joined Katie in going to college in August.

James began going to MTG club events.
Quentin graduated out of Beginner level fencing and began Intermediate level fencing...
and began voice lessons (although they turned out to be somewhat sporadic due to his instructor's poor health.)

We also held dear our traditions...
Chinese New Year's
St. Patrick's Day

My BFF Retreat
I saw Queen Elizabeth this time on one of the days of my BFF retreat...

and Brenda and I made our own Chinese dumplings and steamed them.
We celebrated the birthdays as Katie turned 25, Alex turned 22, Sam turned 19, James turned 16 and Quentin turned 12.
James helped Katie plant her garden.
4th of July
Picnic and Fireworks at the Beach (Rock Hall)

Annual Bastille Day party at Pat's house.
Betterton Day

Camp Bergenholtz was quieter than usual this year, but we did have a Chopped Competition...
and a crab feast.
We started the school year off with school cones.
We had a Halloween Party and went trick or treating.
Steven and I celebrated our 27th Anniversary by going to see It's a Wonderful Life at The Everette.
We celebrated advent with a cookie bake with Hope...
 making ornaments with Brenda...
cutting a Christmas tree down...
 decorating graham cracker "gingerbread" houses that James made...
 and our annual meal out and Secret Santa shopping at Cracker Barrel.
Christmas morning was absolutely beautiful. Later in the day, we had Christmas with Hope and Eddie and the next day we had Christmas with Brenda.
These cute little Santas came in Quentin' stocking from Brenda. Aren't they incredibly detailed for being so tiny.
We celebrated New Year's Eve with a fondue party and New Year's Day with a Japanese party.

We also regularly went roller skating...
and had lots of ...
(year around)... 
time at the beach...
and lots of Midas hugs.

We started some new things that may become traditions...

Quentin went with with Hope, Thomas and Eddie to Gettysburg, PA.

We had a Back-to-School Brazilian Churrasco party.
Katie volunteered at a homeless shelter.


  1. What a full year! I hope you will all be healthy and happy in 2017!

  2. Wow! What an amazing year it has been for you and your family! Great photos!

  3. So many fond memories from 2016! May you have a healthy and fruitful 2017!

  4. Looks like you guys had a wonderful year! I'm wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

  5. How did I miss the post with the graduation?! Congratulations to Alex and Sam!

    As always, your year in summary looks wonderful and your family photos make me smile. Here's to an amazing 2017, Phyllis!

  6. I so enjoy looking at your photos - so many smiles, traditions and celebrations! And I find it inspiring that you are all still so close even with your children getting older. Thank you for continuing to share the life of your beautiful family with us. Have a wonderful 2017.


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