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August 19-25, 2016 The End of Staycation and the Beginning of School

August 19-25, 2016
The End of Staycation and the Beginning of School

Crab Feast

and Escape the Room
Escape the Room type experiences are all the rage right now, and so we decided to see what it is all about. Escape the Room challenges began as timed challenges within video games, but have now branched out to include entire places dedicated to this a series of puzzles to be solved in a set time. We bought a boxed set, which included a background story and a series of  puzzles in envelopes that you were allowed to open one at a time once the previous puzzle is solved. The whole series was to be completed in an hour and a half. We met the challenge and between us all we solved the mystery.  It is a good team building activity, although we did not find the puzzles extremely challenging. It had suggestions for how to make it a costume party, bu t I think it would make a fabulous stem punk party!
Game Day and Dinner at Nagoya
Our favorite Japanese restaurant.  The boys tried Japanese sodas and they had a most unique and fun way of opening.
Can you believe that this rather unassuming paperback college textbook cost $250, and that is only one course's worth of text. Sam is taking five classes and Katie is taking four.
School Begins
Monday was a big day. Sam and Katie went to their fist big day of classes. I stayed with them for a bit to help them buy their books and various settling in things. Then I  left them and came back home to clean the kitchen,  make a menu and shopping list for the week and make dinner with Quentin's help. I am trying to transition the younger boys into learning how to do the older kids chores. Then, at 5:00 Steven got off work and we went grocery shopping before picking up Sam and Katie. This meant that we were leaving James and Quentin home alone with Alex for the first time. Sam was done with his classes by the time we got there and we sat and talked a bit while we waited for Katie. He had a good first day. He liked his math instructor. His English teacher  seems a bit ditsy, but otherwise fine. His Macroeconomics and Freshman Seminar classes are online. 
Katie was finished with her art class early as the students just got their supplies list and so didn't have their art supplies to work with yet. The list is long and it doesn't seem as if she can get them through the bookstore. Katie was absolutely ecstatic about her classes. She loved her biology class and was dying to start her art homework. She liked her English professor (the same one Sam has) and completed the homework in that class before going to bed. I think she will do well.
Quentin made his First Intention.
Sam went to his American Federal Government class. We also purchased Katie's supplies for her art class....$250 worth.
Voice Lessons Begin


  1. I'm so glad things went well for Sam and Katie. Exciting times! You look so beautiful and happy in the game night dinner photo. I hope you all have a wonderful school year, Phyllis.

  2. How exciting that your oldest are in college. We are also working on independence skills here with A learning to make a full meal entirely independently. Exciting times :)

  3. Two college kids at the same time...Yikes. It all is so expensive. It looks like a great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. That is one blessing to having all of your kids the same age, I don't really have to work on transitioning younger ones into older kids chores.
    I can't wait to hear how everyone likes their college classes once they're further into class.

  5. So pleased Sam and Katie enjoyed college. Thomas is starting on the 13th. I hope he enjoys it just as much :)


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