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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

My Summer Bucket List, 2016

Source: Wanelo

  1. Begin College classes. (Katie)
  2. Landscape the backyard.
  3. Celebrate Sam's, Alex's and Eddie's graduation.
  4. Celebrate Quentin's 12th birthday.
  5. Learn Fencing. (Quentin)
  6. Celebrate Sam's 19th birthday.
  7. Make dandelion sorbet.
  8. Play with paint bombs.
  9. Make miniature hot air balloons.
  10. Play, experiment and learn about bubbles.
  11. Make a paint pendulum.
  12. Make a footprints in sand craft.
  13. Make a miniature pond.
  14. Make name shoes.
  15. Make gliders.
  16. Visit Brenda.
  17. Celebrate James' 15 1/2 birthday.
  18. Make summer grill cupcakes.
  19. Make fruit coasters.
  20. Make sand castles.
  21. Make magnets.
  22. Make kites.
  23. Go to the ocean.
  24. Make coral reef glasses.
  25. Make leaf bowls.
  26. Watch the sunset or sunrise together.
  27. Attend a masquerade ball.
  28. Celebrate the 4th of July
  29. Celebrate Alex ' s 22nd birthday. 
  30. Attend a theater production 
  31. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  32. Make a beach craft.
  33. Paint outside.
  34. Have a murder mystery dinner party.
  35. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  36. Go biking down a bike path.
  37. Have a movie night.
  38. Have a summer party.
  39. Do a collaborative art project.
  40. Go see minor league baseball.
  41. Have an Indiana Jones party.
  42. Have a family Chopped championship.
  43. Go camping.
  44. Play at the beach.
  45. Make photo tiles.
  46. Play werewolf.
  47. Attend theater camp. (Quentin)
  48. Have a Hobbit party.
  49. Take a flight with Young Eagles program.
  50. Make mosquito repellant bracelets.
  51. See a Shakespeare in the Park performance.
  52. Go to the Renaissance Faire.


  1. Awesome list! You all are going to have a very busy summer.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. You ARE going to have a busy summer as Dawn mentioned above. Leaf bowls. That sounds really fascinating!

  3. May your bucket list dreams come true! These sound fun :)

  4. I figured out I never keep up with bucket lists, but I have some really cool ideas we're trying to do!


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