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January 29- February 4, 2016, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, days 63-68 and Expressions and We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

January 29- February 4, 2016

We have been having fun in the snow and ice.

We celebrated Hope's birthday.
We went to several doctor's appointments.

days 63-68

Art: Expressions and We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

This lesson is about how by just making different mouths and eyebrows on drawings, different feelings can be shown.
Expressions are particularly difficult for autistic people, so I had him look in the mirror and copy me showing different expressions before we began our drawing lesson.

1. Begin by drawing four circles in a row, leaving some space in between each of them.  In each circle, draw two dots for the eyes and a small half-circle for the nose. (Remember the shapes drawing lesson?)

2. Add different mouths for each face. A line curving up makes a smile. A line curving down is a sad face. Make a wavy line on the third face and a small circle for the fourth face.

3. Add different eyebrows to the faces. Lines that curve down go best with the smiling face and they also go with the last, surprised face. Two straight lines that point down, make a sad face an angry one instead. Draw lines that curve up on the third face.

4. Let's make our faces into a picture of people in a submarine. Draw circles around each face for the windows in the submarine. Draw one large, long oval around the windows to make the submarine. Add two or three ovals at one end for the propeller.

Color the deep blue sea. You could add sea creatures you would like.
source: 123 I Can Draw!, Irene Luxbacher

History: The Maya

  • Read Kingfisher History Encyclopedia p. 86-87. Make notes of key words as you read.
  • Read the section on the Mayans in Incans, Aztecs and Mayans by John Holtzman. Make notes of key words as you read. Find a section that you can record in your history notebook as copywork.
  • Write a few sentences in your history notebook about what you have learned.
  • Mark significant dates on your timeline. 
  • Label an appropriate map.
Quentin's (age 11) science notebook page

Science: The Lymphatic, Endocrine and Urinary Systems

We continued reading, outlining and narrating what they have learned about the lymphatic system.

English and Math, like usual, are still going forward.

How was your week?

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  1. I love all the snow and ice pictures. Your dog is having a blast. Are you getting more snow this week. We are only supposed to get an inch or so. Not much which is good with all of our appointments.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. You have a lot of snow! We had in mid 70s today :)

  3. That is a lot of snow!!! I wish we had a bit. Well it snowed today but barely enough to cover the grass. We loved studying about The Maya. As always you have such a beautiful homeschool experience for your kids. Love it all.

  4. That is a lot of snow, I missed seeing your post up on Friday, and was wondering if I'd missed it, glad to see I hadn't.

  5. I'm loving those snow/ice pictures. They sure are beautiful!

  6. I love the snowy beach pictures! I don't think that I have ever seen it at the edge of the water like that. So pretty!

  7. I have NEVER seen snow on a beach! How beautiful :)


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