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January 8-14, 2016 Our Homeschool Weekly Report: Back to School, days 48-52 and 123...I Can Draw! Lesson 1: Lines and A Hairy Picture

January 8-14, 2016

This week was a hectic one as I began twice a week physical therapy (which is an hour from my home) on my arm and we started back to school after our long holiday break. We had Hope over for a game night. We were supposed to have a movie night with our homeschool group but we cancelled it due to snow, which never came. We also had a scare about our play as one of our cast members had to back out of the play and we were afraid that we were going to have to scrap the play we have been working on and start a whole new play, but I looked back over the play and saw that I could just cut the character and rearrange some of the lines. The show must go on!

We have also been  having some problems with our town giving us permits to fix our house now that we have gotten the loan. To give you an example of how slow moving a small town can be, they said it would take three months to approve the permit and yet our loan says that work must start on the project within 30 days. Meanwhile, of course, there has been lots of rain. We would appreciate any prayers for a smooth resolution to this conflict. 

We bought a new washer so now our washer won't walk across the room. :) 
I have been working on getting back into a more healthy diet now that the holidays are over, one habit at a time.
Everyone is still enjoying their Christmas gifts and they seem to occupy much of their free time.
days 48-52
Since it was the first week back after a long break, we reviewed everything we had been doing in math, science, English and history when we left off, so there is not much new to report. We worked on the Holy Roman Empire and the boys practiced taking notes on their readings. 
Quentin had a voice lesson. 

123...I Can Draw! Lesson 1: Lines and A Hairy Picture

For our first drawing lesson, Alex and I experimented with thick lines, thin lines, straight lines, wavy lines, zig-zag lines and curly lines. 

Once we finished our doodling, we went on to make our first picture, using all the types of lines we had practiced.

First, I had Alex draw a half circle at the bottom of the page. Then I had him fill the rest of the page with lots of lines growing from the half-circle. Use straight, curly, wavy...all sorts of lines to make a wild head of hair.
If you use chalk pastels, you can rub or smudge some of the lines with your finger or a piece of tissue paper to blend them into a head of hair. I let Alex pick his materials and he chose watercolor instead so we did some watercolor once we had used the oil pastels for the drawing.
You can add anything you would like to the picture, such as eyes on the face or ribbons in the hair. Or, you can turn the page upside down and draw a smile on the face and the hairy picture becomes a long and wild beard.

source: 123 I Can Draw!, Irene Luxbacher 

How was your week?

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  1. I'll be praying for your construction permits to come through soon. How distressing! I'm afraid I fell of the healthy eating wagon this holiday season too and hoping to get back on track as well. I love Alex's drawing. What a great gift that art journal is!

  2. Your weeks are always lovely. I so hope your therapy goes well. I know how hard that can be. Love the journal, how wonderful. Keilee is on Periscope now and she did a video about her art journaling. If you go to katch.me and search for KeileeT you can see it. Maybe it will have something that your kids will like.

  3. I hope it all works out with the permits. I know how hard construction can be.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. So, you're saying that life is slow, dull and boring? :: wink :: So much going on!

  5. I'll be praying for your house.

    That's quite a lot to have going on in one week, I feel like the week coming up will be like that for us.

  6. The permit problem is similar here. I'll cross my fingers that everything goes smoothly for you!

    I love that new drawing book. What a fun idea.....I kind of want on myself.

  7. Here's hoping this next week is smoother. Our first week back was a bit bumpy as well, but I don't have home remodeling issues to worry about. Hang in there!

  8. I'll be praying.
    I love your new blog design :)

  9. I hope you will get a permit in time to start a project. This sounds stressful. Love the new design!


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