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October 2-8, 2015, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, Days 21-24

October 2-8, 2015

First Friday Homeschool Roller Skating

days 21-24

Alex's (age 21, special needs) geometry workbook
Quentin (6th grade) worked on geometry concepts this week. We discussed congruent shapes (shapes that have the same size angles and corresponding sides) and found congruent shapes within a sunburst pattern. The study of geometry has involves spatial relations. We had worked on this type of thing for years with games (such as Mighty Mind), so we did not focus on this too much. We also reviewed geometric solids (sphere, cube, rectangular solid, pyramid, cone and cylinder) and  polyhedrons. He made a chart to describe and compare the attributes of the solids, with the headings: name, number of sides, number of faces and number of corners. We worked with the formula Edges = Faces + Vertices - 2. First we counted up all the faces, vertices and edges and he could see that the edges did, in fact, equal the faces plus the vertices minus 2, and that following the formula was a lot easier that figuring them all out separately. Of course Quentin wanted to know, "why two?" but I could not answer that. (Anyone have an answer for me?) We then looked at the problem in another light, working with another view of the same concept, Euler's Polyhedron Formula,V-E+F=2. Looking at these same concepts from different viewpoints was an interesting concept for him. Quentin, who normally does not like math, even stated that he liked geometry.
James (8th grade) worked on commutative properties of addition and multiplication (lesson 5, Teaching Textbooks Algebra I).
Alex (12th grade, special needs) will be working with perpendiculars (Key to Geometry, book 4) for a long while as we take it very slowly. This week we looked at comparing segments. Sam (12th) is working on Roots and Irrational Numbers (Teaching Textbooks Algebra II).

Alex's (age 21, special needs) composition
This week in their English work, Quentin and James completed exercises in spelling, grammar and cursive handwriting. Alex worked on a writing exercise in which he wrote three sentences about chipmunks and painted a chipmunk picture.

This week at co-op the students in the CSI class went over all the information they had learned all semester and solved the mystery of who killed Mr. Body.
We also had a line-memorizing contest, with the actor who had memorized the most lines received a large chocolate bar. 

This week in history we read about the Incan government and they made maps of the Incan Empire. Alex painted an outline of a llama, which we will turn into an art project next week. James found this really cool seed pod which had naturally turned into a skeleton so that you could see the seed inside. We also read about Diogo Gomes on the Gambia, Alfonso V ("El Africano"), Columbus and John Cabot as a boys and the Medicis in The World of Columbus and Sons. We read chapters 7-11 of The King's Fifth.

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  1. I am hoping my daughter will still enjoy math when she is introduced to more complex concepts! Your math classes always look very interesting.

  2. We have a TON of chipmunks at our house....and a ton of acorn shells..LOL...

    Great week - enjoy the weekend!

  3. That reminds me I have a chocolate bar......

    Great week. I love that geometry page Quentin did.

  4. I'm not sure I could do Quentin's math. Should I admit that? LOL I suppose at one time I knew what all those words meant while studying math...

  5. You all always have such cool and varied weeks. I am trying to review the math before Dean gets to it. I feel a bit rusty sometimes.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. You always have awesome stuff going on in your house.

  7. Great week! I just love seeing Alex working and the results. He does such a great job!
    Hope you have had a lovely weekend.

  8. We just got a Mighty Mind game for Bethany for her birthday! Quentin is learning a lot in Geometry class and I love your chipmunk studies! Coop activities look like a lot of fun, too!


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