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Summer Bucket List: 'Smores Campfire Cupcakes

These cupcakes celebrate summer with their campfire decorations and their s'mores flavor.
 To make these, you will need:
Your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe or mix
Your favorite chocolate frosting recipe or store-bought brand
one small tub marshmallow fluff
20 butterscotch hard candies
20 cinnamon hard candies
1/2 sleeve graham crackers
small, thin pretzel sticks
mini marshmallows
1. Scoop out a little of the center of the cupcake using the smallest cookie scoop or a 1/2 Tablespoon measuring spoon.
2. Spoon in the hole as much marshmallow fluff as you can.
3. Place the cupcake top back over the marshmallow fluff and lightly press down.
To make the campfire flame, place 20 butterscotch and 20 cinnamon hard candies in a large plastic bag. Pound the candies until they are finely chopped. Mix the colors together slightly. Pour onto a baking pan in which you have covered with aluminum foil sprayed with cooking spray. Bake in a 350 F degree oven for about 5 minutes or until melted.
While the candies are melting, frost your cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Crush about a 1/2 sleeve of graham crackers into crumbs.
Now it is time to assemble the cupcakes. 1.Take each cupcake and sprinkle the graham cracker crumbs all over the frosting to look like dirt.
2. Take 4 or 5 pretzel sticks and stick them into the center of the cupcakes to form the campfire logs
3. Break the melted candy into vaguely triangular shards and insert them in among the pretzels to represent the flames of the campfire.
Take a mini marshmallow and put it on the toothpick. Hold over a flame to toast.
Insert one on either side of the campfire as if they are toasting sticks propped up over the fire.
Repeat with each cupcake.


  1. The roasted marshmallows are a nice touch!

    1. Thank you. It really made it taste more like s'mores, too.

  2. Oh my, my kids would love this!


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