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Medieval History: The King

  • Learned about the pastimes of a Medieval king and the daily life of a Medieval queen and wrote in their history journals.
  • Made crowns and king's and queen's costumes.
  • Played Battling Tops and Leap Frog.
  • Learned more about Medieval music.
  • Learned about warfare techniques in the Middle Ages and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about the geography of the United Kingdom.
    Katie holds the handwashing bowl for Sam.

  • Learned about the manners at a Medieval Feast wrote in their history journal and made preparations for our Medieval feast.
  • Decorated goblets.
  • Played Kitty in the Corner, Touch Tag and Follow the Leader.
  • Learned about London Bridge and made a bridge model.
  • Learned about the Tower of London and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about the Domesday Book and made a model of one.
  • Learned about the War of the Roses and wrote in their history journal.

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  1. I'm thinking this next week or so we're going to go back and do all the cool Middle Ages stuff I didn't get to do this summer, actual lesson plans in place or not.....


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