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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

August 14-20 Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 38: The King, and We Have Finished Our 19th Year of Homeschooling!

Abby and Katie S. after their Musicamp Production.
I held auditions for the play our homeschool group will be putting on this year. We also went to a play that two of my former students were in.
The younger boys went for plane flights with the Young Eagles program.
We made preparations for our family camp. This is the king's crown Katie made for the Medieval feast. Steven had a medical procedure done and Midas went to the vet's (he now is 26 pounds).
We had friends over for a game nights twice this week.
week 38
And in terms of school activities, this week the boys...

  • Made preparations for the Medieval feast.
  • Decorated goblets.
  • Played Kitty in the Corner, Touch Tag and Follow the Leader.
  • Learned about London Bridge and made a bridge model.
  • Learned about the Tower of London and wrote in their history journal.
  • Learned about the Domesday Book and made a model of one.
  • Learned about the War of the Roses and wrote in their history journal.

Sources and Resources: 
  • Time Capsule: Medieval History
  • Exploring Creation with General Science, Jay Wile
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Fulbright and Ryan

Family summer camp bass pro
Camp Bergenholtz starts tomorrow!
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  1. We're going to be learning about the War of the Roses next week. We'll be starting back up with school then, no more fun-schooling (not that I got anywhere near as much funschooling done as I wanted to).

  2. The Young Eagle's program, looks like a good time! I think that is how one of my nephew's started prior to getting his pilot's license by the time he was 18!

  3. I love the goblets. Might use the idea next year for Passover for an upgraded Elijah's cup!


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