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June 5-11 Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 28: Peasants

June 5-11

week 28
This week in our school work, we learned what it was like to be a peasant. We...
  • dressed in peasant clothing and worked as a peasant, clearing a field of rocks
  • Roleplayed: Impact of the Norman Invasion
  • learned about Old English
  • made a model of a Wattle and Daub house and Floor mat
  • learned about Medieval Instruments
  • did peasant math problems
  • played the Game of Skittles, with Throwing Hammers, Foot Races, Bucket Races
  • learned about Peasant Food and made and ate Frumenty
  • made an Olive oil lamp
  • learned about the Black Death
  • Carried out historical inquiry with the Riccall mystery.
Early Middle Ages: The Normans, part three: The Riccall Bones Mystery: How do we Carry out Historical Inquiry?
Sources and Resources: Time Capsule: Medieval England

For summer fun, we went on a camping trip with our homeschool group {Miller Family (4), Toth Family (4), Simpson Family (2), Wilson/Donovan Family (2), Jones Family (3) and our Family (7)}to the Delaware beaches...

some of us toured Fort Miles...

Prickly Pear Cactus
some went bike riding, 
some went kayaking...

some climbed the Fire Control Towers at the Fort...
and watched the sun set from there.
We enjoyed the ocean...

and the beach sand.

We all camped together so the teens and tweens played Magic card...

 and Roleplaying games together (along with some young at heart adults)...

photo by Denise Toth
and we ate meals together.
Maggie cleaning the pans after dinner one evening.
We also went to our homeschool group's End of the Year Picnic. It was a hot day, so the kids enjoyed squirt gun wars.

We also enjoyed our weekly dinner and game night with our friends Hope and Eddie. If you have been following his story, Eddie is now out of the hospital and on oral antibiotics. His biopsy has not been scheduled yet.

I took Katie to a routine doctor's appointment.

On the down side of things, we had a minor accident in our van. No one was hurt, but the van sustained substantial damage. It could take a couple of weeks for repairs, so we are now in a smaller rental, which limits our ability to go anywhere as a whole family.

What has your week been like?

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  1. What a wonderful week. How nice to camping with a group of homeschool friends.
    blessings, Dawn

  2. Nothing that eventful for our family, but it's been a busy couple of weeks. Our camping trip a couple of weeks ago was cancelled because of flooding.

  3. I'm glad your van accident was not serious and no-one was hurt. What a wonderful week - as always filled with wonderful fun things to do! The camping trip looks so kuch fun!

  4. Camping! How fun! And all those people camping together! The water! Kayaking! Fun stuff there! But yikes on the van! So glad to read no one was hurt!

  5. Your school work sounds fantastic - I want to learn Old English!!! The camping trip looks fabulous - and I don't even like camping. And, I'm so glad no-one was hurt in the van mishap. We were re-ended a couple of months ago (not serious either) and without our van for just a couple of days - so I'm feeling your pain at the inconvenience.

  6. So sorry to hear about your van prang. I'm glad no one was hurt. I hope your van is fixed soon!
    I love all you pictures of the beach. I do love the beach....

  7. What a fantastic idea! I love it. Great experiences had by all...and prickly pear way up in Delaware! Wow!

    1. Yes, I had never noticed them before, so I had to identify them.

  8. I love the Norman week. It sounds fun and interesting. Last summer we went to Battle Abbey and it was fascinating to walk around the battlefield and realise how much that battle changed English history.

    1. I do envy the rich history you have there in England.

  9. You've been busy! It looks like you have a wonderful homeschooling community around you. It's so much easier when you have friends doing the same thing. Sorry about your accident, but I am glad that nobody was hurt!

    1. Yes, and the best part is that I have known some of them for almost 15 years.

  10. What great hands on activities! Your camping trip looks amazing too. Sorry about the van, but I'm glad everyone is okay! I hope they get it fixed real quick!!


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