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Saint Francis DeSales

June 12-18 Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 29

This has been a busy week, but not as crazy busy as it has been. 
I went to my 6-month check up with my oncologist, and everything checked out great. It has now been 2 1/2 years since my diagnosis, so I am half-way through the 5 year period. Once you hit the 5 year mark, the likelihood of cancer returning goes down to practically the same as anyone else.
I took Katie to get a sonogram of her abdominal area because she has been having stomach cramps, and the tests came out normal.

week 29
This week we...

  • Began learning about the digestive system and identified all the organs that are a part of the digestive system.
  • Completed some demonstrations involving hydrochloric acid, Tums and baking soda to show how some parts of the digestive system work.
  • Studied about the Seljuk Turks.
    • Read from The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. Made notes of key words as they read. Wrote a few sentences about what they had learned in their history notebooks. Another option was to use the Medieval History Portfolio, Homeschool Journey.
    • Colored an appropriate map such as the one with History Odyssey, Pandia Press, Level 2 (5th-8th grade).
    • Included appropriate dates on your timeline.
  • Learned about the daily life of a Medieval Tradesmen and drew and wrote in history notebooks about it.
  • Made a Tradesman's costume.
  • Learned about Old English words that we still use today.
  • Whittled.
  • Made a Medieval Apple Tart.
  • Learned about life in a Medieval Village and wrote in history notebooks about it.
  • Played draughts (checkers).
  • Made a waterclock.
  • Learned about the rivers in England.
  • Solved math problems.
  • Listened to Medieval music.
  • Learned about women in Medieval times and wrote in history notebook about it.
  • Discussed the role of dragons in Medieval stories and sketched them.
James' (age 14) science notebook page

Sources and Resources: 
  • Time Capsule: Medieval History
  • Exploring Creation with General Science, Jay Wile
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, Fulbright and Ryan

 We went to Days of Knights, a game store, with Hope and Eddie and then had lunch at Red Robin.
We had a dinner and game night with Hope and Eddie.

But the biggest thing to have happen this week was for this cute guy to join the family. We have been wanting a dog for several years now, but we just got around to getting one now.

What has your week been like?

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  1. He is adorable!
    My house has been consumed with getting things ready for VBS.

  2. Oh, I am glad that your dream of a dog came true. Also, congratulations on a "clear" oncologist appointment.

  3. Oh, my, how adorable! Does the dog have a name? I'm sure those kiddos of yours are super exciting and doting on him! Who wouldn't? What a great week of learning! I always love how much hands-on stuff that you do! Wonderful news on doctor's visits this week! It's already about that long since diagnosis?

    1. Yes, it is hard to believe, isn't it? Time has flown by.

  4. I am so pleased your oncology appointment went well. I will continue to pray for the next 2 1/2 years and beyond.
    I'm sorry to hear Katie has been sore and whilst I'm glad the sonogram was normal I do hope you find out the cause soon (or that it goes away altogether)
    Cute 'lil doggy!

  5. I'm thrilled that you are cancer free and that Katie's sonogram was normal. I hope she is feeling better. I'm also glad to see that Eddie is feeling better too. The puppy is adorable! I'm sure he will be well loved! Love you guys! Have an awesome week!

  6. Oh my goodness! What is little doggie's name?? He's so stinking cute!

    1. There has been some debate about that, but I think they have settled on Midas.


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