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May 22-28, 2015 Snapshot Summary

May 22-28, 2015

In continuing with the very busy May...
After roller skating, we went to Friendly's,where the boys look over the cards Quentin received for his birthday.

Quentin's 11th Birthday Party

This birthday was one of Quentin's favorites. It was simple and yet it was just as he wanted it. First a friend and the family went roller skating for a few hours and then we all went to Friendly's for ice cream. It was a day filled with family and friends and love.

Memorial Day: Beach, Cookout and Game Night

We had a lovely traditional Memorial Day. Steven took the boys down to the beach- the first time to the beach this summer. We had the traditional cookout and patriotic desserts that turned your tongue blue. : )  We played games with friends and neighbors.  When it got dark, we got out the glowsticks  in red, white and blue.

Computer generated picture of the cabinets in our kitchen space.

Shopping for a New Kitchen, Physical Therapy for Steven

and New Glasses for Sam

Steven went to physical therapy while Sam and I picked up his new glasses (a new world opened up to him!) and went thrift shopping. Then we all went to Lowes to meet with our contractor and the Kitchen Cabinet specialist to pick out new cabinets for our kitchen. I had no idea that this would take two hours! We ended up picking out dark cherry cabinets. We need to pick out countertops, vinyl flooring, wall covering and pressed tin look ceiling tiles next.

Time For Rest
We kinda crashed mid-week because of the over-scheduled month, and so we took off a couple of days just to rest. Because of that however, we didn't get to a couple of things we had intended to go to. We missed our annual Homeschool Strawberry Picking Day, and we will probably try to pick another day to go strawberry picking because we would hate to miss that altogether. We had also intended on going to the Plant Propagation Fundraiser that our Homeschool group had, but we really needed a break and to catch-up on housework, so we didn't go. The idea for it is really neat, though. Everyone gathers plant clippings from their backyard plants (such as dogwood, butterfly bush, forsythia, azalea, crape myrtles, gardenia, holly, jasmine, juniper, magnolia, rhododendron, hydrangea, maple, rose, wisteria, etc.) and soil and plastic pots. The plants are propagated by dipping them in a root promoting compound and then planting them. The plants are then watered and cared for until spring, by which time they will have grown to the point that they can be sold at a spring plant sale. The money will be used to fund some of the pricier field trips that the group would like to take.

On the Menu

A couple of you said that you missed my including the highlights of our weekly menu with you, so I have it back in this week.
We, of course, had a traditional cookout on Memorial Day with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts and shrimp skewers and lots of side dishes.

We enjoyed a Cuban Dinner of Lechon Asado (Cuban Pork), Cuban Black Beans, rice and simple salad. The leftover Cuban Pork was then made into...
The Traditional Cuban Sandwich at De Su Mama
Traditional Cuban Sandwiches which also includes, in addition to the Cuban Pork, ham, cheese, pickles and mustard!
Tomato Salad with Homemade Ricotta and Grilled Bread
For another lunch, we had a simple lunch of tomatoes, ricotta and grilled bread.

Fat Burning Cabbage Tortilla Soup at Not Quite a Vegan

On another day, we had Cabbage Tortilla Soup, which I added some black beans to. It is very spicy, but Steven and I loved it. 
The boys had Meatball Sliders instead, which were filled with bacon, cheese, meatballs and sauce, all of which are fattening and  yummy, which is why Steven and I had the soup.
We celebrated National Cherry Dessert Day (May 26) because why not? Cherry is one of my very favorite flavors, so I had to make two desserts, Cherry Dream Bars...
Super moist Cherry Bread baked full of maraschino cherries with a cherry almond glaze overtop
Cherry Bread from Taste of Lizzy T's
and cherry bread. What a way to celebrate, eh?

How was your week?

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  1. What a busy week! So glad the birthday boy had a great day :) My children would love to go to the ocean again. It's only four hours away ;) Your recipes always look so delicious! And I love the kitchen plans!!!

  2. Nice week! That cherry bread is calling to me...

  3. Mmmmmm cherry. I feel you on the over-committed May, I'm going to need a lot of time to recover.

  4. Happy birthday to Quentin. It looks like he had a wonderful celebration! Your kitchen is going to be awesome, Phyllis! I love tin ceilings! I hope you're planning to post before and after pics for us!

  5. The cabinets and Sam's new glasses look great (thought I don't envy you the mess of tearing the old kitchen out). Glad to read you had some time of rest as a family! You guys really do pack it in, a little down time now and then is a good thing - even if it did mean missing a couple of highlights. Happy birthday to Quintin :)

  6. What a lovely week! The cherry treats sound so yummy! And I love the idea of the plant fundraiser!

  7. My mouth is watering at all this food! Do my eyes deceive me, or do you have 4 boys? I have 4 boys too!

  8. What a lovely week! Yay for down time, we could all do with some of that at times!
    Happy birthday to Quentin. I can't believe he is 11! Children grow up so fast, don't they?

  9. Happy belated birthday, Quentin! I like simple, family birthdays too! Beach time looks fun! Although the weather has been warm enough, we haven't gone swimming yet! Now that school is wrapped up for the year we need to get to the lake! Your new cabinets are beautiful! Love dark cherry! But now I'm hungry! LOL

  10. I think we all feel end-of-year burnout. I can't wait until the school is over, and there is one event after another. Good of you to take a break. Your future kitchen looks terrific!


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