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April 24-30 Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 26: You don't have to follow the schedule!

April 24-30, 2015
We are coming down the last stretch before the performance of the play we have been working on once a week since October, so life has been pretty busy. We all have been fighting head colds this week and so our energy levels have been low as well, so we have not accomplished much above what we needed to get done. 
On Friday and Wednesday we had play rehearsals. Wednesday's was the first time we have been able to rehearse at the actual stage we are using, and of course, all the newness made the actors forget some of what they had down previously, such as their lines. We have another rehearsal this week coming before the performance, so hopefully, we will be able to shake out all of the bugs. We also purchased the last plants for Katie's garden this year and she planted them as soon as we got home. On Saturday we went to a birthday party.

We had our weekly dinner and game night with friends on Monday. On Tuesday and Thursday Steven had physical therapy for a back problem which was caused by his broken leg a few years ago. He is doing well with it and it has relieved most, if not all, of his back pain.
week 26

We began our study of the Normans and the Norman Conquest, which I had originally thought would take only one week, but is turning out to be an in-depth study, for which I am very pleased. 

If I had only one piece of advise to give new homeschoolers it would be not to get caught up by the schedule. It is far better to do a more in-depth study than to just be able to check the study off a list as being done.

When we did the demonstration about combustion, we had a surprising result, and so we had to pursue that before we went on with our schedule. I will tell you more about that on Sunday with the Science Sunday post.
We completed our English lessons, but math took a backseat this week, but that is okay as we have started on next year's work anyway.

What did you do this week? 

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  1. I hope you all feel better soon. A head cold at performance time is no fun.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I hope the colds clear up before performance time!

  3. Looking forward to hearing about your conquest learning - that was one of our favourite times to study.
    I too hope you all feel well in time for your performances.

  4. It's amazing how much a head cold can just suck the energy right out of you! I hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. I'm curious to see what happened. I need to get pictures of my kids tapestries. That's held us up on posting it.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you guys were sick again. Hope you all heal up quickly. I don't know how close you are to Baltimore, but I've also been praying that you all stay safe down there. You've got me curious about your science experiment. I'll have to check it out!!


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