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April 3-9, 2015: Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 23

You know how there are some weeks that are so busy you have tons of pictures to show for it, and then there are other weeks in which it is even busier and you have no photos to show for it because you were too busy doing and didn't have enough time to take photos! This week was the latter. I took some pictures on Easter Sunday, but the rest of the week was just a blur.

week 23
There were math problems to solve. There were history readings, narrations and copy work.

  • Read from The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia. Make notes of key words as you read. Write a few sentences about what you have learned in your history notebook. Another option is to use the Medieval History Portfolio, Homeschool Journey.
  • Color an appropriate map such as the one with History Odyssey, Pandia Press, Level 2 (5th-8th grade).
  • Include appropriate dates on your timeline.

Early Middle Ages: Capetian France (987-1328)
Capet was the nickname given to a Hugh Capet because of the short cape he wore. He was a French king and he aimed to gather the dukedoms into a united France. Louis the Fat made alliances with the church leaders against the Germans and the English. In 1152 King Louis VII's wife, Eleanor divorced him and married Henry II, the French-Norman king of England, putting Aquitaine under Norman rule. This began a conflict that lasted even after the Capetian rule fell.

We worked on our model rockets and practiced using our clinometers.

Quentin finished his essay for his admission into the local theater camp. His assignment was to:
  1. Write about your personality, behavior and your interests at home and at school in whatever ways best describe yourself.
  2. Describe why the experience of attending Green Room Gang is important to you.
  3. What do you hope to achieve from the experience?

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed watching people and how they react to different situations. One of my favorite things to do is to take what I have learned from watching people to write stories and act them out with my brother.
I also enjoy creating things such as making games or sculpting in clay. I enjoy sculpting figures with different poses and expressions. I enjoy stories of all kinds, but I have some learning disabilities that make reading difficult for me. I am working hard improve this weakness as I know that reading affects everything, including acting.
I am usually shy, but I discovered that when I am acting somehow the shyness fades away, and I discovered that acting was something that I loved to do. I try to use the best expressions that I have seen in real life in my acting. I began taking acting classes at my homeschool co-op and it led me to the goal of becoming an actor when I grow up. I feel that being a member of the Green Room Gang is the next step I should take to reach this goal. I am looking forward to meeting adults and other kids who love acting as much as I do.

We rehearsed the play we are doing at our co-op. We scheduled in a few more rehearsals, as our show date is coming up soon. The costumes and props are coming together.

We had guests over for dinner and game night.

What did you do this week?
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  1. What a great essay! I hope Quentin gets in!

    1. Thank you. Me, too. It would mean a lot to him.

  2. Quentin's essay is great!

    I hadn't even thought of Eleanor's behavior being part of the reason of the rivalry between France and England.

    1. Thank you! I thought it was pretty good for a 10 year old.
      If you haven't read A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver, you should. You would like it.

  3. Great job on the essay - it's very well written.

    And I love the Chocolate bunny pic - I'm pretty sure I'd have the same face if someone handed me a York peppermint pattie bunny (I had no idea there was such a thing!).

  4. Their writing is coming right along. We sure have weeks like that too. Sometimes, I go to blog a week and wonder where the camera even went.
    blessings, Dawn

  5. The nest is adorable and Quentin's essay is superb! I hope and pray he gets accepted!!

  6. Every week is like that for me! I just don't have much time days to document our school day with photos. Between homeschooling, activities, animals and household responsibilities, photos don't get taken! But the York Patty pic is awesome! Great essay, Q!

  7. The essay is really lovely - I hope he gets in!
    I love you Easter goodies, especially the nest with the chicks sitting in it.
    Happy Easter, Phyllis.

  8. If acting doesn't pan out, Quentin might want to think about becoming a writer. Excellent essay!


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