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Medieval Asia: Vietnam and Thailand: The Khmer Empire

part of a page from Quentin's (age 10) history notebook

What we know about the Khmer Empire is from Chinese histories because the Khmer wrote books on paper, palm leaves and vellum which were destroyed by fire, rot and termites. 
The Khmer Empire began about 802 in the area that is now Cambodia when it united the people living in the area.  The Khmers conquered Thailand and Vietnam. The kings were Hindu but most of the people were Buddhist. 
In 1444 invading Thai armies forced the Khmer to abandon their main city. From then on, Cambodia was dominated by the Thai kingdom of Siam.


  1. I do like how you are covering all the countries during the middle ages. We focused on British history so it is interesting to read about everywhere else on your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always love seeing their notebooking pages. I need to work on taking more pictures of my kids' pages, for comparison.


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